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Chlo-Lo Love Week Has Begun!

In my previous post, I introduced iconic_cousins and gave some details about the Chlo-Lo Love Week and Fest.

Well, the Chlo-Lo Love Week has already BEGUN! So head over there and if you want to post, feel free! Fanworks and discussions are all welcome! It will last until midnight PST on Feb 22nd.

Also, directly following will be a Chlo-Lo Love Fest. While the Love Week is more centered around Chloe and Lois's relationship, this will allow for individual characters and ships too.

People submit prompts and you can claim them once the Love Fest starts.

Prompt submission is happening NOW and will last until the end of Love Week. So go HERE, read the rules and submit a few! :D
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Chlo-Lo Love!

First, thanks to louisemcgregor for allowing us to advertise here! :D

shopfront and I have opened a new community called iconic_cousins, a place to celebrate the Chlo-Lo relationship. It's primary purpose to host the Chlo-Lo Love Week, which will be on Feb 16-22nd and a Love Fest, which is going to be on Feb 23rd-March 23rd.

Details are at the comm! We hope to see you all there! :)